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How Much Are Sex Dolls? - Sex Doll Price Guide

POSTED ON 1 years ago

When considering buying a real sex doll, most people will take the "price" into first consideration.

This blog will answer the question "how much are sex dolls" and help you make the right decision before you take the action.

Over the years, Sex Dolls are becoming increasingly popular, and they are now available in countless types and sizes. So, how much are sex dolls? Before answering this question, we need to help you figure out what factors affect real sex dolls prices first.

sex doll price guide.png

  • Type of material

    There is a variety of materials for making sex dolls on the market, such as rubber, latex, TPE, silicone, and so on. But Sex dolls that are worth your consideration are generally made of TPE or Silicone because those are the industry standards which means they are non-toxic and pollution-free. The low-quality sex dolls are usually made of rubber or latex and are generally not recommended for your own safety.

    TPE has many advantages such as good flexibility, strong molding ability, and soft texture, making TPE one of the best choices for making real sex dolls. TPE sex dolls have softer skin, which many people like, and it responds better to stretching. However, TPE sex dolls are not heat or stain-resistant, so you will need to maintain them frequently. Normally, silicone sex dolls on the market are more expensive than TPE dolls. The appearance of silicone sex dolls can be made more realistic. At the same time, silicone sex dolls are resistant to very high heat and require less maintenance.

    All in all, TPE or Silicone material is great and has its own characteristics. So it depends a lot on what you're looking for. If you want a realistic sex doll that is highly heat and stain-resistant, then silicone will be the best. If you're on a budget but still want a great product, buy a TPE sex doll.

    At Fuxkdoll, we offer a variety of high-quality inexpensive TPE sex dolls and silicone love doll.

  • Quality of material
    Obviously, the better the raw material, the higher the quality of the sex doll, and the more expensive the price.

    For example, in the production of TPE, various plastics are mixed together. The purity of TPE depends on the type of plastic used and the corresponding pure pair. Combining multiple impure plastic species results in cheaper low-grade TPE. And high-quality TPE contains only a few kinds of plastics, and they are all pure, which leads to higher prices. The same is true for silicone sex dolls.

    So, low-end TPE sex dolls are the cheapest option. Alternatively, high-quality silicone dolls are the most expensive on the market.

  • Amount of material used
    The final price of a sex doll depends largely on its height and weight. That's because its height and weight will directly affect the amount of material needed to make it. A light-small doll is much cheaper than a heavy-tall doll. This is because a heavy-tall doll needs more skin surface than a light-small doll. Another thing to keep in mind is that not every doll's bones are the same, which also affects their weight.

After seeing these factors that influence the price of your love doll, let's get deep into the sex doll price range and what you can expect when you purchase a life-size sex doll at each price range.

1. Sex Doll Price Range: $1000-$1599


You can definitely get high-quality TPE, realistic, and affordable sex dolls in this price range that will provide you with an impressive experience. A life-size sex doll still has all the important sexual body parts like a mouth, vagina, and anus. They provide a realistic feeling, and their body features look proportional. You can use your first love doll to practice your sexual skills or improve your masturbation experience. 

Sophia, a mature woman with blond hair, and big tits can be purchased at the most reasonable price in Fuxkdoll. For beginners, sex dolls priced between $1000-$1599 are the most cost-effective. Check our selection of sex dolls from $1000 to $1599.

2. Sex Doll Price Range: $1600-$1999

Irontech Doll TPE BBW Milf Sex Doll Doris 175cm.png

There is a certain threshold for sex dolls of this price range, which is more suitable for clients who have already purchased sex dolls or have their own aesthetic needs for sex dolls.

You can find almost any type of realistic TPE sex dolls or TPE body + Silicone head sex dolls between $1600-$1999 which is a great match. 

Sex dolls at this price are also very realistic, you can even see the makeup and texture features on the face. Real sex using breasts and vaginas is almost identical to real humans. The only problem is that you can't buy a realistic silicone sex doll. Check our selection of sex dolls from $1600 to $1999.

3. Sex Doll Price Range: $2000+

Irontech Doll Silicone Anime Sex Doll Huge Tits Warrior 164cm.png

If your budget allows you to do this, you should definitely choose the most expensive dolls as they are mainly made of high-quality silicone which offers the most authentic experience. Sex Dolls in this price range can also offer you customization options to create the perfect lover you've been dreaming of.

High-end sex dolls look and feel very realistic. All body parts are also rich in detail, so you can expect to see high-quality detail, such as veins on the skin, or upgraded options, such as the WM Doll's breathing option. Additionally, some dolls also support sound and heating. Check our selection of sex dolls over $2000.

If you are a photographer or artist and want to capture beautiful women in interesting poses for your camera, we recommend buying a doll at this price range. Because these dolls look really fantastic on camera.  This is a great alternative to a real person if you want to use this kind of sex doll for your photography or business. 


The price of a realistic sex doll can vary widely based on many factors, such as the quality of materials, the size and weight of the doll, and how realistic she looks and feels. Mid-range and high-quality love dolls may seem like luxury items when they first hit the market, but they're a better investment in the long run. Not only are they more durable and realistic, but they're also made of high-quality materials that won't endanger your health.

I really hope you guys enjoyed this article and that your question "how much are sex dolls?" has been answered. If not, you can let me know and ask me any questions in the comments, or email us here.

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