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TPE Silicone Sex Dolls



Silicon Head + TPE Body Real Love Doll

The biggest advantage of TPE silicone sex dolls is their super high-cost performance. As we know, TPE material is much cheaper than silicone material. TPE dolls are softer and closer to the touch of human skin, allowing you to have a more realistic experience when having sex with TPE sex dolls. While the silicone can make the doll's facial features more realistic and can also support hair implants. The silicone head + TPE body love doll is more substantial and not easily deformed. This combination is really brilliant!

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164cm Big Ass Blonde Fuck Doll TPE Silicone Sex Doll Muscular Girl

$1899 $1661

-12% New

158cm Big Boobs Asian Love Doll Silicone TPE Best Sex Doll For Men

$1799 $1593


165cm Hot Sex Doll Silicone Head TPE Body Sensual Mature Women

$1899 $1661


158cm Advanced Sex Doll Silicone Head TPE Body Japanese Young Wife

$1799 $1593


165cm Huge Breast Sex Doll Silicone Head TPE Body Best Fuck Dolls

$2375 $1607


166cm Big Breasted Porn Star Sex Doll Silicone Head TPE Body

$2191 $1791

-21% New

148cm Flat Chested Sex Dolls Cosplay Cute Cartoon Girl Anya

$2107 $1670


140cm Best Cheap Anime Love Doll Silicone Head TPE Body Adora

$2139 $1539


158cm Luxury Love Doll Married Woman Silicone Head TPE Body

$2155 $1655


140cm Baby Face Huge Boobs Maid Sex Doll Silicone Head TPE Body

$1999 $1594


170cm Life-Size Erotic Asian Love Doll Silicone Head TPE Body Hika

$2199 $1669


158cm D-cup Young Love Doll TPE Head Silicone Body Catgirl Akina

$1999 $1675

-16% New

155cm TPE Head Silicone Body Manga Sex Doll Cute Girl Yuuna

$1914 $1614


135cm Big Penis Silicone Head + TPE Body Gay Boy Lucas

$1919 $1519


165cm TPE Body Silicone Head Young Male Doll Gay Kevin

$2367 $1866


165cm Buttocks Western Young Girl Real Adult Doll Allen

$2175 $1675


165cm Big Breasts Japanese Love Doll Silicone Head + TPE Body

$2393 $1893


164cm Big Boobs Mature Sex Doll Fitness Expert Karin

$2311 $1811


160cm Medium Boobs Anime Cosplay Young Killer Revy

$2243 $1743


145cm Aotume Cute TPE Body Silicone Head Anime Doll

$1999 $1600

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