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When Having Sex With Sex Doll, Does It Feels Real?

POSTED ON 1 years ago

In reality, do sex dolls feel real? Everyone who has sex with a sex doll will feel differently depending on how they use it sexually and the sex doll itself. Here we only discuss the objectively important factor of sex dolls themselves.

realistic sex doll.jpg

Having sex with a realistic sex doll can be very exciting! They look very realistic because they are molded from realistic models with that body, vagina, butt, or breast shape. So, if you can get a realistic sex doll, then you will at least get the most real felling having sex with real sex dolls.

Now, let's take a look at why can a realistic sex doll feel real.

Technological Innovation

The first thing we need to say is that Technological innovation makes it possible for dolls to have many human functions. Most sex dolls have heaters to simulate body temperature, so you don't feel like you're having sex with a cold corpse. Today's high-end sex dolls can even actually move their hips in a natural way during sex.

Another amazing detail recently added by the WM doll designers is the breathing simulation. There's nothing more human than the ability to breathe, and when your doll's boobs rise and fall like a real person, you'll feel like you have a real companion around you.

Real Skin Feel

165cm mature realdoll real vaginal detail.png

A big improvement that sex doll makers have recently included is more realistic skin textures. Silicone sex doll is great, but TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) is the most popular right now when it comes to what people want their dolls out of. And depending on the model of doll you buy, whether it's vaginal anal or oral, it feels very realistic. Thanks to the attention to texture, such as the textured yet smooth and pliable doll vagina, the tight-grip anal entry, and the mouth with lifelike tongue and lips.

Real Body Weight

Thankfully, the dolls are made of high-quality materials today that add up to a much more realistic weight. A premium doll will weigh in excess of 50 lbs (23 kg) due to the metal skeleton and rich fleshyareas like breasts, thighs, and buttocks. For example, a TPE Sex Doll, whose breasts and hips can naturally rock and move like a real woman, while still remaining strong and light weighed.

Perfect Details

Irontech Doll Big Tits Silicone Young Love Doll Cathy 165cm.png

Sex dolls pay attention to every little detail. From eyelashes, pubic hair, nails, and realistic vaginal and nipple coloring, to the ability to flex your limbs naturally. These human-like details make them look very realistic. Feeling real is one thing, but experiencing sex while looking like a real person totally takes things to a whole new level of pleasure.


Finally, do sex dolls feel real? We said "yes". They only get more real with the development of technology and get more expensive as well. Those who want to turn their fantasies into reality and have sex with their dream partner at any time should be ready to spend some bucks on it now! Life-Size Real Sex dolls are not just sex toys. They can last a long time and provide endless intimacy and sexual entertainment. The sooner you get it, the more worth it will be.

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